Image of a Colorado Overlander Toyota Tundra with its roof nest popped overlooking a mountain range in the distance. There are two mountain bikes sitting next to the truck, ready for the next adventure.


Driven by passion, Colorado Overlander was founded with a single word in mind: freedom. The freedom to experience the thrills of taking the road less traveled, and the opportunity to experience nature in its true form.

As lifetime locals to some of Colorado’s most coveted Overlanding terrain, at Colorado Overlander we believe in the value of truly getting away and getting the experience of being “unplugged.” What started out as the simple passion and idea of freedom has grown into the premium overlander rental experience we offer.

And where camper vans and four-wheel drive RVs have recently dominated the commercial Overlanding market, we have chosen to take a different twist, a true Overlanding twist. We stick with fully capable and proven Overlanding vehicles, we provide first-hand knowledge of some of the best Overlanding terrain, and we encourage you to explore responsibly and respectfully.

So if this is for you, and you are ready to get fully unplugged while exploring everything that Colorado and the western United States has to offer, join us for your next adventure. It will keep you grounded and coming back for more.


In all, Colorado Overlander is made up of two brothers, one brother-in-law, one amazing friend, and an incredibly supportive family.  Meet Zach, Jason, Chris and Patrick. At Colorado Overlander, family comes first, so here is a little look at who is a part of the family.

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