Early in the spring, while the mountains to the west are still locked in snow, the red rocks of Moab, Utah glow with a warm invitation.  A major hub for outdoor enthusiasts, Moab has something for every level of experience and every kind of outdoor passion, and Colorado Overlander has the all-terrain vehicles to put you right in the middle of it.

When visiting the town of Moab, or camping in one of the nearby National Parks, visitors can rock climb, take a Jeep tour, go whitewater rafting, mountain bike the famous slick rock formations, or simply explore the side canyons and trails on their own. To take advantage of all this versatility, it is important to bring along a vehicle that can handle itself anywhere. Instead of staying in a hotel where you have to travel to the trailhead each day, park your Colorado Overlander off-road Toyota vehicle wherever you want to wake up the next morning to start your adventure.


In the summer, the temperatures in Moab run from hot to extremely hot. While there are definitely ways to handle the heat (getting out very early, lots of water, etc), if your goal is outdoor adventure of any kind, Colorado Overlander recommends that you try to time your visit with the more moderate temperatures of Spring and Fall.

In the spring, usually March to May, Moab visitors may get a chance to experience a rare desert bloom as the land makes the most of a few weeks of moisture. Ride your mountain bike past prickly pear cactus blooms of pink and yellow, while the claret cup cactus nearby are a deep, vibrant red. Take an evening hike and enjoy the lovely aromas of flowers which only bloom after sunset. Enjoy exploring 4×4 trails with any of the Colorado Overlander vehicles and be sure to watch for hidden waterfalls that only exist in the spring.

In the Fall (late September- November), soak in the last rays of the season, or explore the mountain biking trails. Single track and slickrock riding enthusiasts flock to the diverse terrain in the Fall, and Moab never disappoints. The weather usually maintains extended days of high pressure, and the electric blue of an autumn desert sky is not to be missed.

Even winter has something to offer for overlanding adventures. With insulated tents and warm sleeping bags rated down to 20 degrees provided by Colorado Overlander, visitors can enjoy Moab in the real off-season, and soak in the solitude of the desert.


Image of the White Rim Trail


Adventure Rating: Epic
Trip Length: 124 miles, 1-3 days
Rig Recommendation: Tacoma TRD Pro or 4Runner TRD Pro

Image of the Rimrocker Trail map


Adventure Rating: Epic
Trip Length: 160 miles, 2-4 days
Rig Recommendation: Tacoma TRD Pro or 4Runner TRD Pro


Because of Moab’s popularity, it is very important to do research ahead of time to determine whether your itinerary requires advance permits or even competitive reservations. Even when traveling with the adaptable overlanding vehicles with Colorado Overlander, it can save stress and time to have planned stops and campsites guaranteed.

Canyonlands and Arches National Park are also very popular, and some backcountry areas require permits. To get the most out of any visit to a National Park, consider visiting on a weekday and start out early.

Same goes for Dead Horse Point State Park. Although this section of public land is a great way to get your overlanding wheels dirty, it has become an incredibly popular destination and should probably be avoided completely on peak weekends. Try one of the nearby side canyons or mesas to escape the crowds.

Most of the town of Moab is surrounded by public land that does not require an entrance fee. Just be sure to purchase a reliable map and know where you’re going before you dive in to explore those areas. Signage is irregular and cell phone coverage unreliable, so reading an analog map is a must.


Pick anything! We promise there is no wrong choice when it comes to exploring Moab in your overlander vehicle. There are many qualified outfitter services to offer guides and trips for any experience that might take you out of your comfort zone in and around the Moab area.

Pro Tip for traveling with kids: Choose a destination and stay there for at least two nights. We promise that you will never get bored, and kids love the rock collecting, canyon exploring, slick-rock scrambling outings far more than the photo ops at every cool overlook. Even grown ups can really benefit from getting to know a place at a deeper level.

The staff at Colorado Overlander would love to talk to you about your upcoming Moab adventure. We can recommend off-the-beaten-track trails and campgrounds as well as answer any specific questions you may have about preparing for a visit to the desert.

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